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THC can cause psychoactive effects if taken orally, smoked, or inhaled. Delta 8 can be taken orally, smoked, or inhaled. However, it is not as effective for topicals.

Because Delta 8 topicals can be applied directly to your skin, they bind directly with the cannabinoid receptors and have effects that are localized, unlike other forms.

Topicals do not pass through your digestive system, so all Delta 8 THC content is absorbed directly into your skin.

Do Delta 8 Topicals Get You High?

The skin is not exposed to Delta 8 topicals. It is unlikely that the THC content will penetrate the skin and cause psychoactive effects. Delta 8 topicals are only intended to relieve pain and inflammation in a small area of the skin.

Topicals containing Delta 8 THC can be an excellent alternative to the high. Topicals are only effective for a small area of skin. This makes it unlikely that you’ll experience the full benefits of Delta 8 THC, such as relaxation and calmness.

Can I Use Delta 8 THC Topicals for Headaches?

Morden research continues to study and learn more about the transdermal delivery of the therapeutic benefits from the Delta 8 THC. So far, it has been shown that cannabinoids applied directly to the skin do provide some benefits.

It is possible to relieve headaches by massaging delta-8 THC on your temples. However, it may not be as effective or as efficient as other forms of cannabis when it comes to migraines and headaches.

Attention: Do not get the topicals in your eyes. Topicals containing cool agents such as peppermint and menthol can irritate your eyes. To avoid stinging your eyes, you should wash your hands with soap and water after applying the topical.

Benefits Delta 8

Delta 8 THC Topicals Will Show Up on a Drug Test

It is very unlikely that THC metabolites will be detected in the urine or blood tests of someone who has used Delta 8 THC topicals.

THC can be applied to the skin but not all layers of the skin. Standard drug tests won’t detect THC in the blood if it isn’t.

A study on three adults showed that THC could not be detected in urine or blood tests when it is applied to the skin, regardless of the frequency.

However, it is a good idea to be cautious when using THC topicals, especially if your livelihood or job is at stake.

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