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Plastic packaging is widely used around the world. These are used for storing food items, as well as cosmetic products. This is because plastic is a lot cheaper than the alternatives. Many people choose the cheapest way, and that is plastic. Yet, there are many drawbacks to using plastic packaging. This is because they are very bad for the environment, and by this, we mainly mean production. The less plastic is used, the better it is for the world. Therefore, it is important to look at an alternative to plastic packaging and that is, of course, glass. From a sustainability point of view, glass packaging is a lot better to use. Other benefits to this can be very useful for you. What are the benefits of using glass packaging? In this article, we go into this in detail, so you can find out all about them.

Health & cleaning

Plastic packaging can sometimes be very unhealthy for your body. There are hormone-balancing substances in plastic packaging. These can be released when you heat plastic packaging in the microwave. This is not the case with glass, and you can heat a glass container in the microwave. Besides, it is a lot easier to clean a glass container. There are no leftovers, and you can easily put it in the dishwasher. Plastic packaging can change colour and can be quite smelly. Glass packaging always gets you a lot better clean, safety and of course, looks a lot better.

Safety Glass Packaging

Violet glass

If you choose glass packaging, you can also choose a nice colour. Opt for violet glass because it has many more advantages. Apothecary jars with a violet colour can preserve products much better. This is because it ensures that sunlight is blocked naturally. It extends the shelf life of a product and also ensures that the quality of the product remains intact. Do you also want to preserve cosmetic products longer? Then you can opt for wholesale glass dropper bottles, which are perfect for preserving cosmetic products.

Violet glass is a lot more expensive than normal glass, but you should mainly see it as an investment. It allows you to preserve products a lot longer, and this is of course a big advantage. Miron Glass is a well-known supplier in this field and has a wide range of violet glass.